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Since 2006, Tobacco Road Capitalists (TRC) has been providing expert consulting services to clients based on a project pricing model.  The industries of focus are sports, entertainment, media, healthcare and consumer products.



No company, or person for that matter, can achieve a level of success without growth. If we don’t grow, we die. Nobody wants to work for or do business with a company that’s not growing. And growth is not possible without difficulty, challenge, obstacles, and resistance. The first step is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and having your own ideas examined by “fresh eyes.”


At TRC, we provide that unique perspective you need. We step back and look at your problems from many different angles. Our process helps bring into focus what it is that makes your company truly valuable. What’s more, we help you develop ways to “LEVERAGE” your unique value propositions so that they become obvious to customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders. That leverage is the key to accelerating your growth.

Leadership & Strategy

  • Strategic Planning

  • Leadership Evaluation

  • Dashboard Metrics

  • Executive Compensation

  • Competition Analysis

  • Financial Modeling

  • Negotiations

  • Pricing and Sales Management

  • Interim Management 


Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Target Identification 

  • Due Diligence

  • Financial Analysis

  • Target Valuation

  • Target Integration

  • Divesture

  • Capital Source Introductions

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Turn-around Management

Marketing & communication

  • Positioning

  • Brand Formation/Restoration

  • Executive Training

  • Public Relations

  • Communications Strategy

  • Crisis Management

  • Investor Relations

  • Digital/Social Integration

  • Interim Management

Our Journey So Far



Jon Pritchett founded the firm while he was overseeing the turnaround of the AstroTurf brand. The original idea was simply to create a company by which Jon could engage in various business and consulting projects.



TRC entered into a partnership with Chicago’s Prometheus Capital to form a consulting and investment banking firm called Club 9 Sports to work exclusively on sports and entertainment projects.


Though we're focused on your future, it's good to know how the past shaped our view.

Though now one of the most well-educated areas in the country and one of the most important financial centers in the U.S., the Old North State's economy was long driven by two other industries - tobacco farming and textile manufacturing. And during the height of tobacco and garment production, the Triangle region became known as much for its college basketball as for its cigarettes and socks. UNC, Duke, NC State and Wake Forest were all located in the Triangle area - not more than 40 miles from each other's' campuses. As the medium of national television grew in the 1950's, the area became commonly known throughout the country as Tobacco Road. Linzen Franklin Pritchett owned and operated a family farm in Guilford County beginning in the 1920's. That farm, which produced all manner of marketable goods, was named "Tobacco Road Farm." Jon Linzen Pritchett is the grandson of Linzen Franklin Pritchett and the founder and managing partner of Tobacco Road Capitalists. Mr. Pritchett combines lessons learned on the family farm and basketball court with those learned in formal education and business. He believes free markets are the engine of our republic and are critical to the future of the State of North Carolina, the nation, and the world. He is a proud capitalist, 11th- generation Tar Heel, and son of the American Revolution.

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