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Coronvirus Pandemic Is Raising New Questions And Exacerbating Existing Ones For The PGA Tour

The PGA Tour, now under the leadership of Commissioner Jay Monahan, announced major media deals with both digital and traditional platforms at the beginning of March. The new agreements reportedly increased the PGA’s annual media haul to more than $700 million, a 75% increase from its previous $400 million take annually. The media partners who bought into the nine-year deal included Viacom/CBS, Comcast, parent of NBC and The Golf Channel, and Walt Disney, parent of ABC/ESPN. What does this mean for the sport and the association owned and governed by its players? What does it say about the value of golf in the digital age? Perhaps most importantly, will golf and its new media partners be forced to get creative in order to mitigate the financial impact of COVID-19?

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